Etsy definitely doesn't like my store.

I got an e-mail this morning saying my Etsy store 'MacTacticalDecals' has been suspended. It said it was because of my "Hell Admit One" Sticker and my "Liberty Sic Semper Tyrannis" Cup. They told me (using an automated message) that these items fall under the "prohibited items" policy and they removed them and shut my store down. I've had 2 Cups removed before a month ago, but these other 2 items (liberty cup and sticker) were actually listed for much longer than the previously removed items; they even reviewed all my other items and I was told everything was good to go and was not against their policy; but move along to the next month, then suddenly, I have some of my oldest listings removed and store closed even though they said it was good before. 

Of course it seems unfair, eBay isn't even this bad, but they're all private businesses (just like this one) and we believe they should be able to do what they want, but we appreciate some intellectual consistency when it comes to their own posted rules and not try to mess with their own customers. 

eBay is simple: don't sell guns or ammo and your good to go.

Etsy, not so simple: we may not find it offensive right now, but maybe we will later and shut your shit down. 

The problem with banning particular items, speech, ect... is that those things such as "hate speech" are always subjective to certain people. One person may think something is offensive, but another person may not think so.

Etsy Definitely Doesnt Like My Store.


For anyone wondering about the other 2 cups that were removed awhile ago from etsy, just remember, you can buy all the offensive shit you want here at Mac Tactical Decals!

General Pinochets Fun Tours Cup

#OneLess Commie Cup


Etsy Definitely Doesnt Like My Store.

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